Christ Kitchen 2017 Newsletter

Kim Kelly - Executive Director

Kim Kelly
Executive Director

Isaiah 41:10 “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

That scripture has been the reality of Christ Kitchen. It is truly my great honor to send to you the first edition of the Christ Kitchen Newsletter since becoming a standalone ministry. Friends, the Lord our God has been doing such great works through your compassion and generosity over the past three months. Christ Kitchen is continuing to lift women out of painful situations that no one should have to endure, while introducing them to the grace, acceptance, healing and HOPE found only in the unconditional love of Jesus.

We have witnessed His mighty hand of provision and protection through a recent theft and other attacks on this ministry. The Lord has turned each deed that was meant for evil to good, in a way that only He can, ultimately blessing us abundantly. That is His promise and it is so His character.

Through the recent process of Christ Clinic closing, and Christ Kitchen standing independently, both stewardship and legacy have been pressed so intently upon my heart.


The word stewardship is so often misunderstood. By definition, a steward is “a person who manages another’s property or financial affairs.” We are called by God to be stewards, carrying out His wishes for His property. So, for us to be good stewards of God, we must acknowledge that all we are and, all we have, belongs to Him. We are charged with managing His property according to His wishes. Stewardship however, goes far beyond the obvious financial component. The precious souls that we are entrusted to care for, the material “stuff” we are blessed to have within our possession, truly everything we have been entrusted to care for, is all a part of our stewardship. I have heard stewardship defined best as, “Keeping the heart of God at the heart of living.”


An amazing legacy has been handed down to us, created over the past 25 years of CC/CK Ministry. This legacy includes our generous founders, the countless volunteers, donors and prayer partners who have given and invested sacrificially of their time, talent and treasure to the ministry. For the dedicated leaders of CC/CK, the many board members, and countless employees who have walked before us, our legacy is truly enriched. The many souls who have benefitted from CC/CK are woven into the treasured tapestry of this legacy. The breadth and depth of this ministry is truly eternal.

My dedicated team and I have clung to the clear calling from the Father over the ministry of Christ Kitchen. Through devout prayer we agree that He has called us to continue in the stewardship of Christ Kitchen for His namesake. We continue to be intentional in praying for His vision, for His ministry, and for His profound provision. Please join us in this prayer.

I want to personally thank you for your faithful support of Christ Kitchen. Thank you for selflessly giving of yourselves and investing through your reliable stewardship in support of the life-changing, Kingdom-impacting work that happens here every day. We have accomplished so much together through the ministry of Christ Kitchen as partners, serving together and investing in the work of the Lord.

Yet, much remains to be done. One in three American women, 42 million women, plus an additional 28 million children, either live in poverty or are right on the brink of it. These statistics are staggering and, frankly, unacceptable. Please help us continue to fight the good fight, ensuring HOPE for those women, and their children, living in this cycle of poverty.

This story began 25 years ago with the steadfast support of God’s saints and that is how this story will continue to be written well into the future. We are all a part of history……HIS Story.

Thank you and abundant blessings,

Kim Kelly
Executive Director
Christ Kitchen

Our Mission

Christ Kitchen is a job-training project providing work, instruction, discipleship, support, and fellowship for women living in poverty in the Spokane area. Through the production and sales of gourmet dried food products and catered meals, this project enables women to learn to work, to become employable and, eventually, to support themselves and their families without reliance on government programs or destructive relationships.

Christ Kitchen recognizes the myriad of issues making employment and self-sufficiency difficult for women in poverty. We offer a work setting in which any willing woman can gain skills and competencies which in turn improve their confidence and self-image. Helping low-income women learn the love of Christ and achieve emotional and mental stability as they become self-reliant, stable workers and citizens, is the goal of our growing community

Sean M. Grubb
Christ Kitchen Board President

As the vision and mission of Christ Kitchen begins to take shape, I would invite each of you to share with a friend or colleague breakfast or lunch at the Kitchen. Each month our staff sponsors a ‘101’ – an introduction/re-introduction if you will – to the life changing impact the Kitchen brings to the women who accept God’s hand in transforming their lives. Why an introductory course you ask? Because as the board of directors we believe it is imperative for our partners to fully appreciate the amazing work that is done and to see first-hand the lives that are changed.

When you attend with your guest, think back to the first time you heard about the work that is done at Christ Kitchen: What stood out to you and what inspired you to support the mission? Secondly, ask yourself if that is the same today or is there another aspect of the Kitchen’s work that brings you joy when you think about the support you continue to give? I challenge each of you to share that joy with another person through a Christ Kitchen 101 which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23 at the Kitchen. There are two sessions to pick from: The Breakfast Session will be from 7:30am to 8:30am for the early risers; and the Lunch Session will be from Noon to 1pm. If you would like to attend either session, please RSVP to the Kitchen by phone 509-325-4343 or by email Meals are complimentary and the presentation will provide you with the information you and your guest will need to understand more clearly the direction we are headed and how you can become involved.

New Fall Products

New in October:

Radiant Rice Soup
Saintly S’mores Bars
Warrior White Bean Chili

Be on the lookout for our new and improved products:

Lydia’s Lemon Cookie
Obedient Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie
Paradise Pumpkin Bread with a Brown Butter Maple Glaze
Sarah’s Simple White Chocolate Chip Scones

Jeana Baird

My name is Jeana Baird, I have been working at Christ Kitchen for almost a year. I was raised in Florida. For most of my childhood/teenage years I felt abandoned, unloved, unworthy, helpless and afraid. My mother was a drug-addict and alcoholic. She would leave my sister and I home alone in a dark trailer so she could go drinking. My sister and I were placed in the care of my father and stepmother. My sister and I were taken away from them eventually and put into foster care. My dad and stepmother had a list of things they needed to accomplish in order to get us back. We never made it back. It felt like they had given up on us. We went to several foster homes before finally settling with our adopted family. All this took place before I was 6 years old. Our adopted family was very unique.

They had 13 children of their own and then adopted/fostered 14 more while I was there. At least 20 of us were living in the home at one time. At first, I remember being so excited because I always had someone to play with. The newness soon wore off and I began to notice that the adopted/foster kids were treated differently than their own biological children. We were locked in our rooms at night and had to yell under the door if we had to use the bathroom. If no one came for us, we had to figure out other ways to go to the bathroom. We were physically, mentally, and emotionally abused. I was called every terrible name in the book before I was 13. Through those years I always talked and prayed to God. Talking to Him gave me hope and I always believed He was there. Though we , the adopted kids were forced to go to church, I remember loving it because it got me out of the house and away from the mistreatment. I dreaded school breaks because I didn’t want to be home. We would go to school and tell people what was going on at home.

CPS would then come out and my mom would be extremely nice to us. We would then lie and say it was all a mistake, that things were fine at home. Eventually, the adopted kids were removed from the home and put into group homes. After about a year living in different group homes, my sister and I went back to our adopted family, we knew if we didn’t we would just “age out” of the foster system. I was 13 when I returned there. The physical abuse had stopped but the mistreatment continued. I felt so unloved and uncared for that I began to run away from home, steal, drink, and do drugs. I didn’t care about anything, though I continued to talk to God. One time after running away, I refused to go home. I didn’t care where I went as long as it wasn’t sent back to them.

When I was 15, my adopted parents found a place for me at Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch in Montana. At first, living there was difficult but within two weeks I learned that I would never be going home to Florida. The ranch is for troubled children and with all my “baggage” it was exactly where I needed to be. It was the best thing my adopted parents ever did for me. I had amazing “house parents” who taught me how to live my life for Jesus. They were the first parental figures who showed me what it felt like to be loved. I learned that I was worthy of good things. God used the Ranch to save my life and I thrived there. I eventually graduated from the Ranch. I had almost no contact from my adoptive parents.

I went on to attend Boise Bible College in Idaho where I met my husband. I continued to love Jesus more and more because I saw all that He had brought me out of. Three years after marriage, we welcomed Abigail into the world. Almost three years later, Nicolas was born. They are amazing children. I look at them and am in awe of how different their lives will be compared to mine. I am overwhelmed with happiness when I see how many people love them, both at church and by family. We shower them with love, hugs, and kisses, something that I never experienced. All this was possible because God plucked me out of a bad situation. I’m thankful that they get to see parents who love each other and Jesus.

I am honored to live my life with the family God has given me. This last year has been full of ups and downs. I started attending counseling for myself and also with my husband. My past is very difficult to ignore and interferes with my marriage due to doubts, fears, distrust, self-confidence and abandonment issues. Healing is a process and God is doing a good work in me. I knew it was God’s plan for me to step out and take the job at Christ Kitchen. In a short time, the women at Christ Kitchen inspired and encouraged me. Our sign says “A Place of Hope for Women in Poverty”.

I may not be a women suffering from financial poverty but I believe I’m included in this because my heart was in “poverty”. I needed the women of Christ Kitchen to come alongside of me and lift me up in prayer, and challenge me in my walk with the Lord. One of the most powerful things I have heard is “Jeana, I have been praying for you.” I am told this frequently by women who may be dealing with bigger battles than I could ever imagine and it brings me to tears. The love of Jesus brings us all together no matter what level of poverty we are in.

Sometimes I feel guilty working and being away from my kids but working here helps me be a better mom. My job is incredibly rewarding and is constantly taking me deeper in my relationship with the Lord. As I reflect on my story, and the stories of the women I work with I am reminded of Matthew West’s song “Broken Things”. It says: “The pages of history, they tell me is true, that it’s never the perfect. It’s always the ones with the scars that you use.” God is using me for incredible things.

Kari Kelli
Development Manager

“Faith kicks in about now!” That statement came in the form of a note from one of our faithful supporters in June. I made a copy of his words and placed it on my desk so that I can be reminded daily that regardless of what I may see, how I might feel, where I may be called to go, my faith needs to kick in right about now! In 2 Corinthians 5:7 Paul wrote, “We live by faith, not by sight.” We truly have been walking by faith during the last few months and God has been so incredibly faithful to remind us that He is in control, He has a plan and that we are not alone!

If I can be honest, taking on the responsibilities in the position of Development Manager terrified me when Kim first approached me about it at the first of the year. “I am not qualified, I don’t have a background in development, I like the job I have now!” I could go on, but God stopped me quickly. “Develop relationships, Kari! Invest in others in new ways!” What a gift this time has been. For those of you that I have had the pleasure of connecting with since Christ Kitchen has become a standalone ministry, THANK YOU! For those I hope to connect with in the near future, THANK YOU! We could not do what God has called us to do without your partnership!

Christ Kitchen 101’s

Please join us for breakfast OR lunch. We will be sharing the vision, mission and passion of Christ Kitchen as a standalone ministry. You will hear about where we are going from here and how you can be involved in the Kingdom impacting work being done here! Please RSVP to reserve a spot!

Held on the fourth Wednesday of every month.
7:30-8:30 AM for Breakfast OR 12:00-1:00 PM for Lunch

-Upcoming Events-
Christ Kitchen Benefit Luncheon
-New Beginnings-

October 16, 2017
Hosted at the First Presbyterian Church

*Click the link below to purchase your ticket or table*

Luncheon Tickets

13th Annual Christ Kitchen Gingerbread Build-Off

December 10, 2017
Hosted at the Davenport Grand Hotel

1st Annual Taste of Hope
-Lift a glass in the fight against poverty-

February 8, 2018
Hosted at the Historic Patsy Clark’s Mansion

Jan Bowes Martinez
Christ Kitchen Founder

‘There is a time for everything,’ says Ecclesiastes, ‘a season for every activity under heaven.’

This past year at Christ Kitchen we’ve had a season of being stretched and challenged. Through God’s miraculous guidance, our determined stance of obedience and the constant prayers of faithful supporters, the ministry is stable and poised to grow into the future.

As I look over the past 19 years with Christ Kitchen, I see times of growth and setbacks, challenges and joy. We’ve been privileged to get to know hundreds of women in their journey towards health and stability. Through it all Christ Kitchen remains a port in the storm where the love and word of the Lord provides anchoring and safety. I can’t begin to count the number of volunteers, donors and advocates who have walked along side the ministry serving, praying, advising, giving, cheering. I am so thankful for God’s movement within this community of such diverse people with their many talents and gifts offered at just the right time.

With a grateful heart I am excited to stand beside our amazing team and be a part the next chapter of Christ Kitchen – our little business of selling beans while God goes about his big business of saving lives.

Do you shop on Amazon a lot? Did you know that you can make Christ Kitchen the recipient of a portion of the proceeds from the purchases you make. Here is how to add us as your charity!

To change your charitable organization:

  1. Sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser.
  2. From your desktop, go to Your Account from the navigation at the top of any page, and then select the option to Change your Charity. Or, from your mobile browser, select Change your Charity from the options at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select a new charitable organization to support.

Party with a Purpose
Impact the life of a women today!

Host a “Party with a Purpose”. It is easy, fun and very impactful. You invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, church groups, and everyone in-between to a selected night at Christ Kitchen!

Select a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night to host your Purpose Party at Christ Kitchen. Choose a party type: Soup, Salad or Desert and we do the rest!! We prepare a selection products for your guests to sample, along with coffee and tea. You and your guests will enjoy delicious food, fellowship, recipe ideas.

You will then hear an impactful testimony of one of our Christ Kitchen Women. Everyone at your party will receive 10% off all of their purchases that night. All proceeds go to employing more women!

Call Kim Kelly TODAY to set up your Party with a Purpose and impact a life forever! 509-993-0884

Board of Directors

President: Sean Grubb, Northwest Investment Advisors
Vice President: Dianah Brubaker Ellis, KXLY
Treasurer: Matt Michaels, Fruci & Associates
Secretary: Catherine Klingel, Cyrus O’Leary’s Pies
Chef Romeo & Linette Herrera, Catered 4 You
Luanne Conley, Yokes Fresh Market
Richard Lewis, Richard Lewis Law
Pastor Sean Moore, Northside Church of Christ
Jan Bowes Martinez, Founder of Christ Kitchen & By the Well Foundation
Kim Kelly, Executive Director of Christ KitchenMission Impact Council

Mark Newbold,
Raelene Vogelsang, Northwest Trustee & Estate Management Services
Cameron Schwehr, Moss Adams
Adam King, Wells Fargo
Kari Kelli, Development Manager of Christ Kitchen